KZ-Außenlager Wansleben

Die Website des Vereins zur Aufarbeitung der NS-Gewaltherrschaft Neu-Mansfeld/Georgi e.V.


Welcome to the homepage of the registered association of coming to terms with Nazi tyranny Mansfelder Land / salt mine Neu Mansfeld / Georgi

About us

The association comes to terms with the history of the Nazi tyranny in the area Mansfelder Land, especially in the former salt mines Neu Mansfeld and Georgi. It leads the therefore necessary research projects.

The association reconstructs the former pits and bunkers of Neu Mansfeld and Georgie or rather improves the still existent facilities.

The association arranges an exhibition of the history of the Nazi tyranny in the former "Außenlager Wansleben". It organizes scientific presentations of the Nazi tyranny in the former "Außenlager Wansleben".

Furthermore, the association offers guided tours around the area of the former "Außenlagers Wansleben".

Our concern

Our main goal is to prevent the still existent facilities of the industrial monuments Neu-Mansfeld and Georgie from decaying completely. At the same time, we would like to establish a memorial and a documentary site in order to call attention to the misuse of the mine during the time of Nazi tyrrany.